Zero Waste Week is in its 8th year of running! It’s held next week from 7th – 13th September 2015. We’re looking for YOU to get involved and to pledge to reduce your waste.

This year’s theme is ‘REUSE’ – basically stop wasting money by saving resources!

Zero waste week

This could mean……

  • Reuse shopping bags
  • Reuse foil for zero waste lunches
  • Reuse jars for storage
  • Take clothes to a textile bank
  • Reuse leftovers as ingredients
  • Offer items on Freecycle, Freegle or Streetbank
  • Reuse blank paper for notes
  • Use a refillable bottle

I’m an ambassador for the week and my pledge is to buy food for a week without packaging. I’ll ‘reuse’ my old packaging when shopping. e.g take my own container when buying fish / meat / eggs / veg and fruit. No new packaging or plastic will be used!

I’ll be posting about my experiences here over the next few weeks.

You can sign up and make your own pledge here at – ZERO WASTE WEEK
Or alternatively just do your own bit at home for you your family.
Read more about Zero Waste Week and get inspiration here

Let’s fight waste together for a healthier future and planet!!!

1 thought on “ZERO WASTE WEEK

  1. Rachelle Strauss

    This is such a fantastic pledge which I know will inspire others to take part too. Enjoy the week and good luck! I look forward to reading about your ingenious methods of reuse!



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