Veg in Clover – Central & East Oxford

Veg in clover £13 veggie box plus eggsFor the past 3 weeks I’ve been receiving Veg in Clover’s £13 vegetable box that very generously offers 9 different items including a dozen free range eggs.

All vegetables are certified organic, and the focus is on local organic produce. This week I received leeks, parsnips, carrots, celery, sweet potatoes, two swede, Brussels sprouts, celery and two big beautiful bulbs of garlic, all of which were very crisp and fresh. I’ve made leek and parsnip soup, baked sweet potato mash and bubble and squeak with the Brussels sprouts – delicious with a runny poached egg on top. The carrots and celery were so tender we ate them raw dipped in to home made hummus.

The eggs they supply are also awesome. Although they are not organic, they are large and free range and when cracked have a very healthy looking orange yolk; much better than any supermarket free range eggs I’ve found.

Veg in Clover also offer a £17 box with 12 different items for larger families. But the £13 box is perfect for a family of 4. Andy was very flexible when I asked for no potatoes and onions. I would love them to offer some fruit options as I’m sure they’d do just as well as the vegetable boxes.

veg in clover deliveryIt’s wonderful that Veg in Clover deliver mainly by push bike which is very eco-friendly. With 3 delivery men they cover a large area of Oxford including – East Oxford, Abingdon Road, Jericho and Park Town. Van deliveries stretch outside the ring road to Wheatley and Thame.

Payment is very flexible and they accept cheque, cash, transfer or standing order and is usually paid weekly or monthly.

I totally recommend you try Veg in Clover

To receive a box telephone Andy: 01865 427359 Mobile: 07931 109623 Email: and for more info their website is

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