Day 2 – Getting prepared…..

Today has been a day of preparation and realisation. I soaked chickpeas for the first time last night (I know, how shocking is that coming from a Nutritional Therapist?!!). I was surprised to see them double in size, and when I did the calculation…..

Dried chickpeas14p for 100g dried chickpeas makes the equivalent of a 400g can of cooked chickpeas which costs 55p in the cheapest supermarket.

I then began kicking myself as I realised that I’d be wasting an awful lot of money over the years. My next thought was, how many meals can I make out of chickpeas? We love hummus, falafel and curry, so there will be recipes for these on the blog at some point this month.

Another staple in our household, is peanut butter. It gets spread on toast, dolloped into porridge, used as a dip for sliced apple and carrots and is sometimes just eaten by the spoonful. I usually buy Whole Earth Organic peanut butter which comes in at £3.19 a jar, so I thought it high time I attempted my own. After all, if you read the ingredients on a pot, it usually just says peanuts, salt and sugar. I picked up a kilo of organic peanuts wholesale for under a fiver and began roasting and blending until I had 3 jars of golden smooth nut butter. I omitted the salt and sugar as it truly didn’t need it. It was so delicious I know I’ll have to ration ourselves to a teaspoon at a time (recipe to follow).

This afternoon we went on the hunt for some organic vegetables and ended up in Eynsham, home to The Garden Market greengrocers. This beautiful little shop stocks local seasonal fare from Oxfordshire and other neighbouring counties. I  met Jonathan who kindly agreed to make me up a £10 veg and fruit box, my full review will be linked here.

Flapjack recipeBack at home we were having withdrawal symptoms from all the sweets over Christmas so we whipped up a tray of buttery flapjacks (recipe here). I found a fantastic deal on 3kg of Organic oats from Uhuru on Cowley Road which we have been using for breakfast porridge all this week. One single serving of porridge gives you 50% of your RDA of Zinc, lots of lovely B vitamins and slow releasing carbohydrates to keep you full all morning. Furthermore, oats are proven to lower cholesterol, prevent heart disease and boost serotonin to help fight depression! They are wondrously simple, wholesome and versatile. If you grate in some carrot to the flapjack mix before baking you’re also getting on of your 5 a day! Sadly, I can see I’m going to have to ration these to one-a-day.

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