Rectory farm potatoes

Rectory Farm are offering 25 Kilos of organic potatoes for just £7. If that’s too many for you, you can get 12.5 kilos for £4.  The 25 kg bag is enough for 50 family meals. I bought a sack of red potatoes back in December, I keep them cool in the garage, which stops them from sprouting. They will probably last me until the Spring. Here’s the details:

Rectory farmBags of Potatoes available direct from the farm.

Potatoes in 25kg and 12.5kg bags are available direct from the farm. Varieties are Saxon, Mozart (a red potato) and Wilja. Prices are £7 for 25kg and £4.00 for 12.5kg. They are available from the farm buildings, opposite the PYO entrance, Monday to Friday 7.30am until about 6pm when the farm is working and occasionally on Saturdays.

Address: – Rectory Farm, Stanton St. John, Oxford OX33 1HF

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