Headington market organic free range eggs

large farm eggs from headington marketWe popped over to Headington market this morning looking for some deals. We found these beautiful organic free range eggs. You can buy a tray of 30 medium eggs for just £6, or 30 large for £6.50 which would be plenty enough to last me the entire month – what a bargain!

This price rivals Tesco’s own free range eggs, but even better these beauties come from a local farm just outside of Oxford, and many of them will have been laid this morning! No sitting around on the supermarket shelf!

Tomorrow is the Weekend, and we have friends over for brunch. Brunch isn’t brunch without eggs and I’m planning a big bubble and squeak using my Rectory Farm potatoes, and cabbage from Summertown Market. A poached egg with a bright orange yolk is the perfect accompaniment. I can’t wait! I’ll post the recipe with photos on here tomorrow.

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