Week 2 eating on a budget

So we are half way through our month of eating for £100! I’m feeling a sense of achievement this week as we’ve managed to cut our budget a great deal to get back on track from our overspend last week.

Budget chocolate beetroot fairy cakesI made a large chilli with Pegtop Farm Dexter beef mince, chickpeas and vegetables that lasted us two nights – one night with rice and the second with jacket potatoes. I also made a Frugal Fish Curry (recipe to follow) combined with the Dahl that I froze last week made a hearty meal for another two nights.

We ate our new favourite Vietnamese Rice Spring rolls and discovered a delicious pasta cabbage combination which I’ll post soon. We even managed to entertain and made beetroot chocolate cakes for Sunday afternoon tea.

Westmill Organics Veggie boxThis week we trialled Westmill Organics £10 veggie box for FREE, and were very impressed by the quality of vegetables.

One thing I’ve noticed over the past 2 weeks it that we are eating smaller portions. We’re also getting through much less meat, cheese, fish and eggs but compensating with lots more vegetables, beans and rice.

When you cook everything from scratch vegetables tend to be cheapest way to fill up and it got me thinking about how it was during the 1st and 2nd World War when food was scarce. So I did a little digging and found a fantastic BBC Article that talks about the idea of bringing back rationing to fight the obesity epidemic! Whilst this may be a little extreme, we were healthier as a nation when food was scarce. It seems that we’re not able to make healthy choices when given the freedom to buy what we want. Why is this I wonder?

One thing’s for certain, if proceeded foods didn’t exist and you had to feed your family with a budget of £100 a month it would simply be impossible to be overweight, and many of the health implications with being obese such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and joint problems would dramatically reduce saving the NHS billions. Something to think about.

Here’s a summary of what we spent

Dexter beef mince = £4.52
Vegetable box = FREE
Prawns = 80p
Rice Wraps = 40p
Pasta, rice, flour, olive oil & sugar from the larder = £2
Yoghurt = £1
Butter = £1
Tinned tomatoes x 2 = 64p
Salad & cherry tomatoes = £1.50
1 avocado = 50p
Creamed coconut = £1
Ground almonds = £1
7 Farm eggs = £1.40
Lemon & lime = 50p
Anchovies = 69p
Pollock = £1
Herbs & spices = 20p
Apples & bananas = £1.50

Week 2 Total = £19.75

Total spend for 2 weeks = £63.75

Pegtop farm mince beefI’ve still got quite a few vegetables leftover to cook this week and am planning to make roasted squash soup, beetroot and mackerel salad, more cabbage pasta as well as a chicken an leek pie. There’s also some hummus in the freezer that I’ll dig out for lunch, and I might even try my hand at some home made bread!

Thanks very much for reading and following. Your emails and comments are very welcome. Please continue to drop me a line if you have any frugal recipes or hot deals around Oxfordshire.

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