North Aston Organics Veggie & Fruit Box

We’re trying out North Aston Organics £10 Veggie & £5 Fruit Box this week.

North Aston Organics Veggie BoxI had to pick it up from a secret location in Cowley last night which was exciting. You get a 50p discount if you collect.

I was over joyed to see lots of beautiful greens and lettuce in the box. We’ve been craving salad these past few weeks. The box also contained parsnips, carrots, 1/2 a cabbage, 1/2 a pumpkin, true spinach, 1 large lettuce and a bag of mixed lettuce and herb leaves. The fruit bag contained oranges, apples, pears, bananas and a kiwi. I like the idea of 1/2 portions of larger veg as I often struggle to use a whole cabbage! Very sensible indeed.

I’m planning a Roast on Sunday so will probably keep the parsnips and carrots for then. I’m also thinking about making home made pesto with the spinach, some roast pumpkin soup, bubble and squeak with the cabbage. Plus I’ve been sprouting chickpeas this week for the first time and they’ll make a lovely accompaniment to the salad leaves with some crumbled feta, olive oil and lemon juice. It’s also fantastic to have a variety of fruit as we’ve been living off satsumas and apples for the past few weeks.

Here are the details

North Aston Organics Veggie Box 2There are four different sizes of veggie box priced at £6.50, £10, £14 and £18.50. The £10 box is good for 2 adults and the £14 box would suit a small family. You can also get a small or medium fruit bag for £5 or £6 respectively which usually contain apples, oranges and bananas plus two other fruit. Organic eggs are also available. One plus is that you can also tailor your box to your likes and dislikes.

75% of the box contents are grown on the Farm. Other produce is bought in from other organic growers so that a wide variety of specialist items can be provided. They have a no air freight policy.

The drop off points in Oxford are Wolvercote, Marston, Cowley Road, Magdelen Road, Jericho, Botley, Summertown and St Clements, as well as delivering to towns and villages throughout northern Oxfordshire.

If you’d like to order a veggie box visit their website here. Alternatively call on 01869 347702  or email and ask for Mary.

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