Local honey cures hay fever

Local oxfordshire honeyI love honey. It’s not been part of our budget cooking yet because it can be expensive. However, if you suffer from hayfever, local honey can be cheap way to prevent the onset of this annoying allergic condition.

Bee-keepers generally advocate that local honey is the best tool to fight hay fever because it contains the pollen from the local flowers which might have caused allergic reaction to the sufferers. You need to make sure the honey is raw, as heating damages the vital properties in the honey.

How to take honey for hay fever

If you begin by taking 1 spoonful a day 8 weeks before the hay fever season begins, this may reduce your need for expensive anti-histamines (which are usually around £4 for a pack of 12).

An even better remedy would be to make a cup of fresh but cooled cup of Nettle tea  by steeping fresh nettles in boiling water for a few minutes. Then add a tsp of honey to sweeten. This medicinal tea can be drunk up to 3 times a day.

Where to find local honey?

I’ve bought it Rectory Farm shop, Millets Farm, Pegtop Farm in Woodeaton (Islip honey) and also the The Market Garden at Eynsham. But I’m sure there are many other places too.

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