The Roast Dinner and leftovers….

There’s nothing more frugal than cooking the way our parents used to, by roasting a chicken on Sunday, eating it with jacket potatoes and salad on a Tuesday, turn the brown meat into a curry on a Wednesday, then boil the bones for a delicious soup on Thursday.

Leftover veg from a roast dinnerAs I’ve been experimenting over the last 3 months with ways to save money on food – and I’ve discovered that our parents (and grandparents) really did know best. No part of the chicken was wasted. Portion size of meat may have been less, but this usually meant that more vegetables were eaten – which research has shown to be healthier in the long run.

With Easter approaching, there’s some fantastic deals on local meat. I bought a joint of local Top Side beef for just £7.99 a kilo at Q Gardens (which would be £13 a kilo in Tesco’s). Local Butchers have got in this seasons lamb, and there’s always the humble free-range chicken.

One of my favourite use-everything-up recipes at the moment is my leftover roast dinner soup. It’s simply some extra roasted roots that I’ve cooked on the Sunday (usually parsnips, sweet potato, carrots and potatoes), blended with stock made from the bones and giblets of the chicken. I add in some roasted garlic and rosemary to jazz it up a bit and serve it with some homemade foccacia – it’s delicious and hearty.

Chicken curryIf you’re after a simple frugal curry recipe, check this one out. The base is made from blended onions, tinned tomatoes and creamed coconut.

You can add in a couple of handfuls of cooked chickpeas to bulk it out if you’re short on meat. Simply serve with rice.

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