Alder’s Butcher’s on Cowley Road

Alder's butchers shop frontI’m in love with Alder’s on the Cowley Road. The friendly personal service from the ‘Governor’ Andy never fails to impress. They’ve got one of those traditionally cheery model butcher outside advertising their trade. Alder’s has a range of fresh meats including game and some organic, along with local eggs and preserves.

Melissa and I popped in there this morning to get some chicken for my chicken and leek pie tonight. We bought 500g of Chicken thighs for just £2.50. I’ll be roasting them before making stock from the bones to make sure the pie is really nutritious and flavourful.

Alder's butchers on cowley roadOn my visit I noticed that they stock Farm Eggs at just £5 for 30 – this is the cheapest that I’ve found. If you don’t get through that many eggs at a time or can’t find a way to carry them home you can always just buy 6 large farm eggs for just £1.25. They really are beautiful with deep orange yolks.

Alder's butcher's 30 eggs for £5I’m planning squash soup so I also bought a huge bag of bones for stock which cost me just  £1 – the money for these goes towards a charity donation.

This butchers is pure quality. If you haven’t already, do make sure you check them out.

W Alder Butchers

224 Cowley Road, OX4 1UH
Tel. 01865 248524
Delivery service available.

2 thoughts on “Alder’s Butcher’s on Cowley Road

  1. Fiona Nevola

    I’ve just rung Alder’s about pheasant …they are not in yet. It’s too early in the season. Their reply was they’d ring their suppliers and find out what was available. Its for a small party of 6 as my son is going to be 50 and I wanted to do a casserole that was a family favourite. I am really very touched by the friendly kindness at the other end of the phone…thank you Alder’s

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