Feed a family on BBC Radio Oxford

This morning we got to talk to Howard Bentham at BBC Radio Oxford about the past month –  Feeding our Family for just £100 using local produce.

How have we got on? Listen to our highs and lows and what we plan to do in the future…..

2 thoughts on “Feed a family on BBC Radio Oxford

  1. Sian Taylor

    Really interesting post – I’ve not had a chance to read it through but will be coming back to that later, and also love Alders butchers! One thing that occurs to me is that I don’t see any tea, coffee, milk or bread isted – and although you give recipes for a range of meals it’s usually just one thing per day. is this included in the £100 – it would be good to have a whole months breakdown.


    1. carolinementzer Post author

      Morning Sian, thanks for your comment. Yes Alder’s butchers are fantastic! I’ve been posting the breakdown at the end of each week, it’s in the day-to-day section. But am just about to write up the whole month’s summary hopefully later today. I haven’t included drinks in the £100 budget – it’s just feeding a family, so no tea / coffee included. I’ve struggled to find cheap local bread but did buy a loaf from Cornfield bakery in Wheatley in the last week which I’ll post about. I think I’ll have a go at making my own bread this month. We eat porridge for breakfast made with water during the week. Then I make a eggs with something at the weekend e.g. bubble and squeak, or pancakes. Lunch is usually leftovers from the night before homemade soup, or dahl and rice. We’re not milk drinkers, but I do also want to experiment with making my own yoghurt from local milk this coming month – something I haven’t got round to yet. The blog is definitely a work in progress, we went slightly over budget this month but I’m sure I’ll get more efficient as the months go on. Thanks for reading.



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