Orange & Lemon peel Cake

Having suddenly experienced an epiphany about how much food we’ve been wasting – I’ve been discovering ways to use up food that would usually end up in the bin. Check out my potato peeling crisps, food waste soup and home made focaccia – they’re all delicious!

Orange and lemon peelThis cake is a take on Nigella’s clementine and almond cake, but instead of using whole fruit, we’ve been saving up our orange and lemon peels from the past week. All you need to do, is to boil the skins of the fruit for 30 minutes until they are lovely and soft. Then blitz them into a fine pulp. Now add them to any plain cake recipe you want jazzing up.

Carrot and orange almond cakeFor example, you could make a classic Victoria sponge and add the peel and a simple butter cream icing. Or how about trying a Spanish orange and almond cake with a runny icing glaze.

As you can see in the picture to the right, I’ve even added carrot peeling and raisins to the mix for a more classic carrot and orange cake. The cooked peel adds a beautifully moist and zingy quality that fruit juice alone cannot fulfil. Either way, it’s a perfect way to use up your old peelings and can even count as one of your five a day!

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