Riverford Oxford

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that I’ve been trialling all the local veggie box schemes in Oxfordshire. They have all been fantastic and I recommend you read my reviews on each one, which can be found at the following links – Westmill Organics, North Aston Organics, Veg in Clover and The Market Garden at Eynsham.

RiverfordIt has been brought to my attention however, that some locations aren’t covered by these veggie box schemes. If you fall into this category I’d like to recommend Riverford Organics which, even though they are a National Company, use local Oxfordshire Farms as much as possible to supply this county.

Before I trialled our local veggie box schemes I was a long standing customer of Riverford. I’ve always been impressed with the quality of their fruit and vegetables, as well as recipes they supply on the website. The ordering system is extremely easy to use and you can add to or change your order each week if desired.

This picture is a typical Riverford box. It’s a large fruit and veg box less roots costing £19.65 for 3-4 people. They do offer smaller boxes with prices starting from £10.35. I purchased the sprouts additionally – although now I’m learning to sprout myself I don’t need to! Read more on how to do that here. Their salad bags are really good with delicious cherry tomatoes, lettuce leaves and avocados. You can also get eggs, meat, cheese and array of other delicious organic fare. Their website is worth a visit, even just for the recipes! – Riverford Organics – Tel. 01803 762 059.

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